Sheepskin B

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Sheepskin B


Soft, long and narrow at 43”x26” Would make a great seat cover for your vehicle, or rug in front of the hearth.

Our sheepskins have a higher loft and are more dense then a typical sheepskin because of the crimp or spring of the wool contributed by Clun Forest genetics. The unique natural tanning process also creates a more robust leather. This results in a soft, thick sheepskin offering cushion and durability for whatever use you choose, from rug or seat cover to blanket or vest.

The natural properties of wool make sheepskins an ideal sleep surface for anyone, but especially babies, children and the elderly. Wool’s breathable fibers help regulate moisture and temperature creating a superbly comfortable next-to-skin environment, and it’s fiber structure makes it highly flame resistant.

Our luxurious sheepskins are safe for your family and our planet. We send our sheepskins to a small U.S. tannery that uses a non-toxic, natural process. There are no toxic chemical residues or odors, so you can feel good about sharing your sheepskin with all of your loved ones.

Please note that you may find occasional bits of vegetable matter (VM) in the fleece, though we do our best to be sure they have as little as possible. Our pelts are washed and combed, but because we use an organic tanning process, there are no chemical solvents used to dissolve every bit of VM as would be done with conventional tanning.

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Caring for your sheepskin:

  1. Do not lay your sheepskin on metal surfaces. Placing your sheepskin on a metal chair, banister, exposed nails, etc. will leave a black or gray stain on the leather or wool. This is due to a reaction of the natural tannins with ferrous materials.

  2. Periodically air your sheepskin: take it outside and shake it to remove dust; put it in the shade for a few hours (keep out of direct sunlight).

  3. Keep it lovely with an occasional brushing. Use a pet slicker brush or wide tooth comb, depending on desired look.

  4. Spot clean the wool with a wet sponge or soft cloth. A little mild soap may be used if necessary. Wipe gently in one direction to avoid felting the fibers. Air dry.

  5. You may wash your sheepskin if necessary, but this should be done as infrequently as possible, and great care is required. Use the gentle or hand wash cycle of your machine and spin out the water. Avoid agitation as this can felt the wool. Lay it out to air dry on a wooden drying rack. Periodically work the leather: stretch it and flex it to prevent stiffening as it dries. Washing and air drying require careful attention for good results. (Do NOT dry clean. Dry cleaning chemicals are highly toxic. Wool and leather hold onto these toxins and will continue to off-gas them.)