Welcome to Prairie Coteau Farm!  

All 2017 garlic is sold out! Thank you to our valued and loyal customers for purchasing our garlic! We will have scapes in late June and will harvest this year's garlic in mid-late July. Check back then to place your order for 2018 seed garlic. 

For over 12 years our family has enjoyed growing quality garlic with a commitment to soil health and organic practices. We take great care in selecting only the best bulbs for seed, and sell only what we would plant ourselves. Varieties include Armenian, Bogatyr, Georgian Crystal, Persian Star, two types of Russian Giant and a limited amount of Penn Wonder and Chesnok Red. Garlic ships in September. 

Any of our garlic varieties can also be purchased for culinary use in bulk (ask about our wholesale pricing), in one pound bundles or by the braid. Every cook should keep a garlic braid in the kitchen! Hang one in yours, and you've got a supply of garlic in a beautiful form at your fingertips. Real garlic lovers need more than one!

Georgian Crystal Garlic Braid

2017 Garlic Pricing for Each Variety:

  • 1-4 lbs $18/lb
  • 5-9 lbs $17/lb
  • 10-24 lbs $16/lb
  • 25-49 lbs $15/lb
  • 50-99 lbs $14/lb
  • 100 lbs and up $13/lb

For orders over 25 lbs call 605-695-1305 or email prairigarlicsd@gmail.com to get best shipping price.

Please visit our garlic store for braid pricing.