Prairie Coteau Grassfed Lamb

Thank you for your interest in our lamb! We raise Clun Forest-cross lamb entirely on our certified organic mixed brome and native grass pastures in southeastern Deuel County. They receive no vaccinations or antibiotics, and we leave their tails naturally long. We rotate them to new grass every few days, and they have fresh water available at all times.

Our goal is to have lambs weighing around 100 lb by the beginning of November. The carcass weight is about half that, and the final result is about 30-40 lbs of meat in your freezer. The actual amount depends on the type of cuts you choose (i.e. bone in, whether you keep organ meats, etc.) and the size of the lamb. 

Cluns are a dual purpose heritage breed of wooled sheep that have been raised for over two centuries in Shropshire England. They were brought to the United States in the 1970s and are classified as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. They are excellent mothers, prolific, have a consistent meat-to-bone ratio and thrive on a diet of grass and browse. In the future, we hope to begin a breeding program to help perpetuate this breed and its valuable characteristics for the benefit of shepherds and lovers of lamb. Our ewes are a hearty mix of breeds that thrive on grass, including Shetland, which accounts for their long wool in a range of shades. If you are interested in fiber arts, please inquire about our gorgeous natural colored fleeces, yarn, roving and sheepskins.

Lamb Pricing

We charge $5.00 plus tax per lb of hanging weight. This is the carcass weight taken at the butcher before being split into cuts. Customers will pay their own processing fees to the Elkton Locker, which are $65/lamb with a $0.25/lb grinding fee plus tax. The grinding fee applies only if you want ground lamb. We think you will find this is quite reasonable for local grassfed lamb compared with retail.

Pricing Examples:

For a whole 100 lb lamb with a carcass weight of 50 lbs :

50 x $5 = $250 + $65 for processing = $315 x 6.5% tax = $335.48 for 35-40 lbs of meat in your freezer

Half this lamb would be $167.74 for 17-20 lbs of meat in your freezer

Example total cost per lb of meat:

50 lb carcass weight: $335.48 / 35 lbs = $9.59 per lb of meat in your freezer

45 lb carcass weight: $308.85 / 30 lbs = $10.29 per lb of meat in your freezer

Buying Whole Lamb Step-by-Step:

  1. Contact us to reserve your lamb. We request a $100 deposit on a whole lamb, $50 for a half. This goes toward the total cost of your lamb.

  2. We raise the lambs to proper weight and take them to Elkton Locker.

  3. We call you with the hanging weight and the balance of the cost which you then remit to us.

  4. You contact the locker and let them know your cut preferences. 

  5. The locker will contact you approximately two weeks after we bring in the lambs. You may then pick up your meat and pay the processing fee to the locker.

  6. Start cooking delicious recipes with healthy, local lamb!


Please send payments to the address at the bottom of the page.  

We also accept Paypal transfers. Let us know if you prefer this option.


Contact us with questions or to reserve lamb:  605-695-1305 cell or 605-832-2062 home


Your purchase helps grow a robust local food system in our region.  Thank you for supporting local, restorative agriculture!